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Gutti Vankaya Pulav
Raju gari Kodi pulao
Hari Mirchi Mutton Pulav
Mutton Pulav
Chicken Fry Pulav
Hari Mirchi Fish Pulav
Guntur Chicken Pulav
Karampudi Kodi Pulav
Hari Mirchi Chicken Pulav
Hari Mirchi Shrimp Pulav
Hari Mirchi Egg Pulav
Shrimp Pulav
Hari Mirchi Panner Pulav


Panner Tikka Kabab

Cottage Cheese cubes & onions marinated in a spicy sauce

Tandoori Chicken

Grilled bone-in chicken marinated in yogurt, garlic, ginger & fresh ground spices

Chicken Tikka Kabab

Chicken breast marinated with spices & yogurt and grilled in our clay oven

Lamb Chops
Lamb chops marinated with spices & grilled in clay oven

Tandoor Pomfret




Gobi 65
Crispy cauliflower florets deep fried to perfection

Baby Corn Manchurian

Deep fried baby corn cooked indo Chinese style

Gobi Manchurian

Deep fried cauliflower cooked indo Chinese style

Chilli Baby Corn
Sweet fried baby corn sauteed with sweet & hot chili sauce

Minced potatoes & peas wrapped on pastry dough & fried

Gobi Chilli



Rayalaseema Kodi Vepudu (with bone) (Chef Special) 

Authentic dish made with Chef special spices

Karampodi Kodi 

Guntur Chicken 

Boneless chicken marinated with spices, fried and tossed in a spicy special sauce

Chilli Chicken
Fried chicken sauteed with onions, bell peppers & chilies

Chicken 555 
Deep fried chicken cooked with special sauce with cashews

Karvepaku Chicken

Chicken 65
Chicken marinated with ginger, garlic & fried

Chicken Majestic

Goat Pepper Fry
Goat fried and tossed with green chilies, curry leaves & spices



All Curries served with Rice


Dal Tadka
Yellow lentils sauteed with onions, tomatoes & spices

Chana Masala
Garbanzo beans cooked with tomatoes

Malai Kofta
Vegetable balls cooked with cream and special sauce

Panner Tikka Masala
Homemade cheese cubes cooked with bell peppers, onions in tomato sauce with touch of cream

Panner Butter Masala
Cottage cheese cubes cooked in creamy & rich buttery sauce

Shahi Panner
Pieces of Paneer cooked in delicious creamy with cashew paste

Kadai Panner
Paneer cubes cooked in spicy gravy made of onions, tomatoes, capsicum & traditional Indian spices

Palak Panner
Paneer cubes cooked in spinach gravy & traditional Indian spices

Avakai Vegetable

Kadai Vegetable

Vegetable Korma
Mixed vegetables cooked in delicious creamy sauce



Chicken Tikka Masala
Boneless grilled chicken cooked with tomato, special spices & touch of cream

Butter Chicken
Chicken cooked with spices, herb & rich buttery sauce

Kadai Chicken
Chicken cooked in spicy gravy made of onions, tomatoes, capsicum & traditional Indian spices

Chicken Vindaloo
Delicious tangy gravy with potatoes & coriander

Chicken Shahi Korma

Karaikudi Chicken

Amaravathi Chicken 

Chicken Masala

Chicken Ragon Gosh



Goat Masala
Goat pieces cooked in freshly ground spices with onions & tomatoes

Kadai Goat
Goat cooked in spicy gravy made of onions, tomatoes, capsicum & tranditional Indian spices

Amaravathi Goat 

Goat Vindaloo

Karaikudi Goat

Goat Rogan Josh



Lamb Rogan Josh
A popular preparation of lamb curry from north India with rich gravy, fresh tomatoes, yogurt & finished with cilantro

Lamb Korma
Lamb pieces cooked with cashew nut paste flavored with fresh herb & spices with touch of cream

Kadai Lamb
Lamb cooked in spicy gravy made of onions, tomatoes, capsicum & traditional Indian spices

Amaravathi Lamb 

Lamb Vindaloo

Karaikudi Lamb

Lamb Masala

Lamb Chops Masala



  A versatile Hyderabadi offering of meat/vegetables marinated in herbs and spices is layered with long grain basmati rice and   steamed to perfection in a tightly sealed, heavy-bottomed dish (dum- process). All biryani dishes are served with Raita and Salan


*Family Pack includes Biryani for 2 + Appetizer(Chef’s Choice) + Dessert (Chef’s Choice). Jumbo Pack is only for Take-out

Veg Dum Biryani

Veg Dum Biryani - Family Pack

Egg Biryani - Family Pack

Panner Biryani

Egg Biryani

Panner Biryani - Family Pack

Panner Tikka Biryani - Family Pack



Chicken Dum Biryani

Chicken Dum Biryani - Family Pack

Chicken Tikka Biryani

Chicken Tikka Biryani - Family Pack

Chicken Boneless Biryani

Chicken Boneless Biryani - Family Pack

Goat Dum Biryani

Goat Dum Biryani - Family Pack

Lamb Biryani

Lamb Biryani - Family Pack

Lamb Tikka Biryani - Family Pack

Shrimp Biryani



Gulab Jamun




Plain Naan

Butter Naan

Garlic Naan

Tandoori Roti


Lacha Parata



Bread Basket
Bread Basket(Butter, Garlic, Tandoori Roti)


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